Harry Styles hints that he’s not staying single for too much longer.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching – One Direction’s Harry Styles has revealed he doesn’t plan to be single for much longer.

His ex-Taylor Swift on the other hand doesn’t sound like she’s going to be following suit

Taylor, 23, says: “I’ll probably spend it with friends or rehearsing. I’ll be off in a warehouse somewhere, working on the lighting rig and the lighting cues. And I don’t think I’d rather be anywhere else, to be honest.” – … Yeah whatever Taylor !

Harry on the other hand revealed to We Love Pop magazine: “You don’t know what’s going to happen. If I like someone, sometimes it doesn’t work out. If the right person was there, I’d go for it. I wouldn’t stay single purposefully.”

Harry went on to admit that its unlikely to be love at first sight going on to say in the interview:

“For me, it’s more infatuation…You can see someone and I think ‘She’s amazing.’ I wouldn’t say I could fall in love at first sight but maybe I just haven’t done that yet. Yet”, girls. YET!

Not sure Mr Styles has given much thought to the effect his comments are going have on girls reading this – get in line ladies & no pushing !

Source: The Sun

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